Hossen Solim

Sports Therapist – Hossen Solim

Hossen Solim graduated in 2008 gaining his degree in Sports Therapy, Health and Fitness from The University of Kent at Medway he currently is the Development sports therapist for the England under 18’s rugby team and Kent rugby. Previously to this he was the sports therapist for Bromley RFC for seven seasons, where he saw the health and fitness of the team through to winning the national senior vase at Twickenham in 2015, the clubs highest accolade. In 2015 Hoss was invited to be the sports therapist for the medical team involved in overseeing care for the longest Rugby Union match in association with the Guiness World Records.

He is able to assess and treat a wide variety of injuries sustained in various sporting injuries such as running, rugby, football, MMA, Golf, Tennis and more. I am also able to help those who are sedentary/less physically active with conditions such as Lower Back Pain, Achilles Tendonitis, Plantar Fasciitis and other musculoskeletal conditions. I have a particular interest in prevention of injury, injury rehabilitation & movement.


He has a particular interest in prevention of injury, injury rehabilitation & movement in all ages and ability, from beginners through to professional level activity. Sports therapy utilises a wide range of techniques from sports massage to patient specific rehabilitation exercises.

Hossen is an integral part of our multidisciplinary team and helps people of all ages from Bromley, Beckenham, Croydon and the surrounding areas.

Clients often present with a wide range of injuries such as:Sports Injury Massage West Wickham, Bromley and Beckneham

Back Pain

Tennis and Golfer’s elbow

Sprained knee or ankle

Repetitive Strain Injury

Post Exercise Muscle Soreness


How does it differ from Physiotherapy?

A sports therapist has spent their whole degree learning about sports injuries and the best treatment for them. Physiotherapists will train generally in muscle injuries and unless they have specialised in sports injuries it may not be their field of expertise.

Please view my website for more information, including special offers and my blog at www.hoss-sports therapy.co.uk or alternatively follow me on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/HossSportsTherapy

Don’t continue to put up with that niggling injury. Get it sorted with our expert Sports Therapist today. Call 0207 998 6883 to get yourself back on the road to full fitness at West Wickham Chiropractic Health Centre, alternatively if you would like to speak to him directly contact him on 07828 324773

Price for Sports Injury Assessment in West Wickham, Bromley and Beckenham

Sports Therapy (60 minutes)                  £45

Sports Massage (30/60/90 minutes)       £25/£45/£60

Hossen also holds a Runners Workshop once a fortnight which focuses on:

– Muscular Strength and Endurance
– Injury Prevention
– Running Fitness and Technique
– Lots of advice about long distance running

There’s a lot more to Running than just Running! So if you are a complete beginner looking to start running to keep fit, want to improve your 5km/10km time, or have a place in a ½ marathon or a marathon, the Runners Workshop will be very beneficial to you.

The Workshop is full of exercises and short drills aimed to improve how you run, develop weak muscles and educate runners about what they should be doing. Video analysis is used to enhance learning new skills. Workshops last 60-75mins and limited spaces are available.

Hoss is an experienced runner, completing his 1st London Marathon in 2013, the Brighton Marathon in 2014, and “The Wall” Ultra-marathon in June 2014, a 69 mile marathon taking him from Carlisle to Newcastle.