Sports Therapy & Massage

Please be aware that we are awaiting the arrival of our new sports therapist. 

Do you play sport in the Bromley, Beckenham, Croydon and West Wickham area?

Have you got a niggling hamstring injury, sprained ankle, strained muscle?

Any sportsman or woman at any level should be looking after their body. Just like a Formula 1 car is constantly being tweaked and fine tuned our bodies are under constant stress and strain. Sports therapy and massage is essential to keep your body at its best. Otherwise eventually it will break down.

The many benefits of sports therapy and massage are

  • Increases flexibility and range of movement of joints
  • Improves recovery of muscle from intense physical activity
  • Reduces the risk of injury
  • Helps relieve muscle stress and tension from the demands of life and sport
  • Regular Sports Massage is highly recommended for those who train regularly

Sports Therapy


1 Hour Initial Assessment – £45

Follow Up Treatments – £45

Sports Massage

30 Minutes – £25

60 Minutes – £45

90 Minutes – £60