Ultrasound Imaging

What is Ultrasound imaging?

This is an image of a sonographer scanning the shoulder of a patient with pain

Medical ultrasound imaging

Ultrasound imaging scans are painless and noninvasive procedures. They use high-frequency sound waves to produce images of the inside of your body – a sonogram, or ‘sound-drawing’. You’ll likely recognise these scanners as they’re commonly used with pregnant women to check-up on babies in the womb.

Are you an avid sports person and recently started to experience pain in one or more of joints this is technique would be perfect for you to understand with greater clarity what may be happening to the soft tissues of the region.

We use ultrasound imaging to diagnose common painful conditions of the extremity joints. These include shoulder and arm pain, hip and leg pain. This allows your healthcare provider greater certainty of the condition you have presented with. It will enable the healthcare provider to plan targeted treatment, getting you on the road to recovery more quickly.

Ultrasound imaging is really useful if you have issues with pain and swelling as it takes images of the internal structures and displays them on a screen in real time. Most importantly the operator will have the ability to interact with your body during the scan to help get clear results and you to will be able to see what’s happening. If you have more questions regarding how ultrasound imaging may help you and your recovery from pain then call the clinic on 0207 998 6883 or email [email protected]