Sports and Therapeutic Massage

Teodora’s interest in sports therapy and the functioning of the human body arose from her decade long career as a gymnast. Teo applies her own experiences with the knowledge acquired from her BSc in sports therapy to custom build her treatment plans. If you are currently suffering from an injury, either long standing and recurring or new and acute, Teo can help you manage the condition from start to finish.Sports Therapist

Teo has gained experience working with Coventry Dragons rugby team. Teo was responsible for providing first aid, pre and post-match care, injury prevention taping and massage. Teo has most recently been working in a Sports Therapy Clinic in Coventry. Her experiences from this clinic have exposed her to a spectrum of age ranges and fitness levels. She is confident in her ability to design a treatment programme targeted at the individual and utilises her understanding in movement patterns and muscle imbalances to provide this service. Poor movement patterns and imbalances keep us from achieving our goals and are often as a results of our 21st Century lifestyles.

Teo is currently working as a massage therapist offering deep tissue, sports, swedish and maternity massages with hot stones, aromatherapy and scalp massage. She is excited to be have the opportunity to expand her practice here at West Wickham Chiropractic Clinic.